CREW JOB: “Documentary” Videographer, Non-linear Editor

CREW JOB: “Documentary” Videographer, Non-linear Editor(Ongoing, Multiple Positions)

Prerequisites: Familiarity with basic digital video and nonlinear editing concepts. Willingness to seek (and attain) high production values with minimal resources. Creativity. Indie editing aesthetic.

Description: Keep running with a video project started in 2003 – A program of small segments that shows what goes on in the office and who on the crew does what, to be broadcast on P.E.G. (Public/Educational/Government) stations in Vermont. We work with a Canon GL-1 and edit with iMovie 3.0 or Final Cut Pro 3.0 on a Macintosh G4.

Practical Objective: It’s a core project to make outreach to musicians and bands and show them how they can get involved with and benefit from the various activities Big Heavy World does to support Vermont’s music.


Big Heavy World has been promoting and archiving the Burlington music scene since 1996. Our existence and success is due to participation by volunteers and interns who share our extreme enthusiasm; we simply wouldn't exist without their support.

Our internship program allows a greater level of freedom and creativity than one might expect, but also demands a high level of responsibility and dedication to each mission. As a supervised work experience for academic credit, Big Heavy World internships guarantee personal and professional development.

Contact James Lockridge at (802) 865-1140 for more information.