CREW JOB: Graphic Designer

CREW JOB: Graphic Designer(Ongoing, Multiple Positions)

Prerequisites: Experience with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) on a Macintosh platform. D.I.Y. interests and adventurous design sense.

Description: Create design projects ranging from posters to postcards, handbills, etc. that carry forward and improve on Big Heavy World's solid D.I.Y. aesthetic.

Practical Objective: Communicate and promote the projects and opportunities created by Big Heavy World to artists and a general audience. Frame these promotional materials in an accessible 'outsider' aesthetic.


Big Heavy World has been promoting and archiving the Burlington music scene since 1996. Our existence and success is due to participation by volunteers and interns who share our extreme enthusiasm; we simply wouldn't exist without their support.

Our internship program allows a greater level of freedom and creativity than one might expect, but also demands a high level of responsibility and dedication to each mission. As a supervised work experience for academic credit, Big Heavy World internships guarantee personal and professional development.

Contact James Lockridge at (802) 865-1140 for more information.