'Signal to Noise' Live Concert Collection Donated to VMLS

'SIGNAL TO NOISE' LIVE CONCERT COLLECTION DONATED TO VMLSPete Gershon, publisher and editor of 'Signal to Noise," has contributed a collection of more than 500 live concert tapes to the VMLS. Represented are dozens of performances, circa 1995-1998, by legendary regional artists including Phish, Science Fixion, Belizbeha, and The Pants, and venues like The Front, Club Toast, Sneakers, The Last Elm Cafe, and Rio's Cantina. The collection uniquely captures this vibrant era of live music local to Burlington; we're stunned by this gift and grateful to be trusted with its preservation. "'Signal to Noise' is the quarterly journal of improvised & experimental music, documenting the confluence of avant-garde jazz, electro-acoustics and experimental, modern rock," http://www.signaltonoisemagazine.org