Newzrag #39

BIG HEAVY WORLD NEWZRAG #39 - October 14, 2003 'emo tears' Hello familiar faces, new friends, old ones, mild acquaintances, hangers-on, and you I've never seen before. Well now that we've gotten the introductions out of the way, it's time to get down to business. And business is booming... so to speak. So read on ever faithful follower, drink from our cup of knowledge and keep you eyes, ears and hands... (well, eyes and ears anyway) to the street. You never know what's around the next corner. - Joe A.




JAM SESSION 2003 - 10 HIGH SCHOOL BANDS @ FAIRGROUNDS Saturday October 18, live at the Champlain Valley Exposition Fairgrounds (Blue Ribbon Pavilion): BLIND LUCK MUSIC ( steps into the JAM SESSION 2003 with performances by ten regional high school bands: MAINSTAY (Essex,; DYING FOR JULIETTE (South Burlington); RED MONEY RIVER (MMU); PERFECT DISASTER (Essex); SIGNATURE MOVE (CVU); ABSOLUTE ZERO (Mississquoi Valley Union); STEALING CHARITY (Winooski); and SLIDER (BFA St. Albans). Tix will be $6 at the door - that's less than lunch money! And it's (obviously) all ages, so bring your grandma and your baby brother. It's a benefit for the Essex High School Girls' Rugby Team and is sponsored by Verizon, the EHS Fine Arts Dept., Engelberth Construction, Vermont State Colleges, R.E.M. Development Company, Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce, and Big Heavy (frickin') World.

HIGH SCHOOL CREW WANTED FOR FIRST NIGHT: LOOK COOL AND BE USEFUL! BHW is hanging with First Night again this year, and will therefore have a hand in the HUGE (can you feel the capital letters?) show in Memorial Auditorium during New Year's Eve. You know, the one with a dozen bands playing and all sorts of other fun stuff going on too? Yeah, we thought you'd remember. But as juicy and saucy as we are, we still need a little help. The crews include STREET TEAMS, VIDEO, HOSPITALITY, SECURITY, SOUND, PHOTOGRAPHY, STAGE MANAGEMENT, and the LIVE INTERNET BROADCAST. The crews get everything ready to rumble during November and December then light it (with safety goggles on) December 31. If you're in high school and want to be part of the production crew, get in touch with Jim, and he'll email details to you.

SPOOKARAMA 2003... THEY'RE BAAAAAAAACK... Former Burlington tech-core demons chainsaws.and.children will be performing at *and not burning down* Contois Auditorium (in Burlington's City Hall) on October 24, during DAVEY HORROR'S SPOOKARAMA 2003, "THE PHANTOM OF THE ROCK OPERA" show. It's the fifth annual Spookarama variety show, slashing and stitching together elements of horror, film, storytelling, music, mystery, and terror-ific theatricality. It's kind of like a Gwar show without all the mess. Show starts at 8pm, tix are $7.50 at the door. Proceeds benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Burlington. If yer hard of readin' you can contact for more info.

VERMONT BANDS READ THIS Are you in a Vermont band? Are you often troubled with night terrors? Is your contact info current in the Vermont Band Guide at ? Do you often wake up in another room of the house without knowing how you got there? Is your CD for sale at and is it already in the Vermont Music Library at ? Are you thirsty or light-headed when you wake up? Contact (or a doctor for the other stuff) if you're not represented in these all-Vermont joints; we miss you. (It's all free, if you were afraid to ask, except for the doctor thing... that's pricey).

BHW THANX Thanks to Karri "Auntie Didi" Benoit and the Academy of American Pediatrics for the Macintosh G3 that we run the BHW office with now. It rocks, they rock, and thanks to them, we are next in line for the rockin' too. More thanks to Janice at The Sharon Academy for the donation of our new photocopier (we're keeping Joe and his ass away from it) and Lorraine in Sharon for helping get it to us. Belated thanx to Steve in New Hampshire for the *heavy* microfilm reader and to Jim Hadeka of 5 MINUTES HATE and the bands he organized to help support BHW at the Annex on August 8: ECHOES IN ETERNITY; FALL TO ASHES; JACK NAPIER; 5 MINUTES HATE; GOODNIGHT VIOLET; and EYES TO THE SKY. Thanks to Christine Bourque at OVX for being so awesome to us the whole time she was there (good luck with everything!). Thanx to Nancy Cathcart at Champlain College for inviting Jim to pimp BHW to her Community Service class and be a part of the Community Service Fair there.

HONORABLE MENTION (P.S. - XXX OOO AND ALL THAT) Two of our very own busy bees were featured as Volunteers of the Week in the Burlington Free Press for their invaluable contributions to Big Heavy (at and on the documentary video crew, respectively) and the lucky winners are... *air drum roll* Dave "Big Pun" Donegan and Liz "baby-face" Hart. Congratulations you guys... now get back to work! Heehee just kidding. Sort of.

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