Vermont Music Videos

Daisy Logic from the Metamorph E T H E R album released September 2017 Website: Apple Music: Spotify: Facebook: Bandcamp: Amazon: Soundcloud: VIDEO CREDITS Video Produced and Directed by Margot Day Filmed by Victoria Zolnosky in Vermont USA Filmed and Edited by Jeff
A timely song to bring attention to hatred and greed. Why do we, never see, what it's like, to live side by side, Can't we look at the world, through the eyes of a child If we say, what we feel, and confess, what lives in our heart, Is it proof that we're nothing but fools in the dark All I can see, is we keep falling apart, Never learn, right or wrong, it's the road, that we travel on....
"Medfield" is a track off The Dead Shakers debut EP "All Circles Vanish". Video intended with respect to all those who spent time at Medfield. Directed by Kayhl Cooper bandcamp - spotify - web - facebook - instagram -
Recorded and mixed by Scott Dean Video by Trez Filmz Vocals - Miku Daza Graham Lambert - lead guitar Joe Sabourin - rhythm guitar Yordi Henriquez Garcia - bass Zachary Mills - electric violin Jacob Schiller - accordion Sir Will Bennington - drumkit Matt Avery - trombone
created by Joey Agresta
I won't stand -- Idly by Watch my Constitution die I won't stand -- Idly by No I won't stand Idly by Civil rights you can't deny I won't stand -- Idly by I got me a comfortable life Raised my kids, love my wife Never missed a chance to cast my vote Never thought the guy from Breitbart news Would step into the White House shoes Now we need to find the antidote.