105.9 FM — The Radiator


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WOMM-LP ‘The Radiator’ is a licensed noncommercial low power FM radio station located in Burlington Vermont. The station began broadcasting with 100 watts in the autumn of 2007 on the frequency of 105.9 FM with an effective broadcast range of approximately five miles from the antenna site, located in the center of Burlington’s downtown. In-between local DJs who produce an eclectic variety of shows, Big Heavy World plays Vermont-made music from its huge music archive.

Burlington Vermont is our home, and one of our favorite places in the whole world. It’s Vermont’s biggest city, for what that’s worth — there’s around 40,000 of us. Burlington has a vibrant arts community and legions of friendly hippies, snowboard manufacturers and craft breweries, rock-ribbed Republican woodchucks and one of the most active Progressive movements in the country. The Radiator’s programming shows off our diverse and creative community.


The Radiator’ is a nonprofit listener-supported media center generating and transmitting programming that fosters community awareness and civic engagement; encourages and promotes the creative public of the Burlington area; and provides a platform for multigenerational technical education and personal empowerment.


Be a DJ on Burlington’s hyper-local community radio station! Bring the things you love to the airwaves — music, talk, theater, poetry… Email us to learn how easy it is to step into a one or two-hour weekly timeslot!

Vermont-Based Bands: Send Your Music!

Bands based in Vermont are welcome to send music for inclusion in rotation on The Radiator! Address albums to The Radiator c/o Big Heavy World, P.O. Box 428, Burlington, VT 05402-0428 and give us a heads-up if any individual songs aren’t radio-safe.